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Nano-Catalytic Technology

Our Company


About Us

NanosTech believes in evolution, not revolution. Our innovations support the economic and environmental sustainability of the energy sector.

Our Story

NanosTech, a Vorsana Company, emerged from the University of Calgary’s Alberta Ingenuity Centre for In-Situ Energy (AICISE). A Canadian powerhouse of innovation in catalysts and adsorbents for energy and fuels, AICISE encourages and promotes an environmentally sustainable, efficient, circular-economy approach to improve recovery and upgrading of Alberta’s bitumen reserves.


Our CTO, Pedro Pereira-Almao, has held the NSERC Industrial Chair "Catalysis for Bitumen Upgrading" at the UofC’s Schulich School of Engineering, and has been working on upgrading technologies for more than 30 years, the last 18 years in In-situ (in-reservoir) upgrading and other technology schemes from CO2 conversion to renewable fuels.


Vorsana and NanosTech hold more than 42 patents and have developed 15 different product solutions to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) and restore compromised environments, creating sustainable products for the future.


At Nanos, we are global leaders in researching and applying catalysis to industrial processes for a sustainable future.

Leadership Team

Myles McGovern, CEO

"A transition is taking place, and we are working with customers through this path."

Pedro Pereira-Almao, CTO

"Fostering know-how and sustaining a technology-focused culture is
fundamental to creating and improving processes. Continuous
innovation in the tech hub is paramount to remaining relevant."


"The expertise and ingenuity of our team is the key to achieving successful solutions for our customers and partners." 

Thomas McGovern, COO
Andrew McGovern
Naomi Pereira
Carlos Scott

Founder & catalyst expert

Lante Carbognani

Founder, analytical & characterization expert

Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

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