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Our Technologies

NanosTech’s catalyst technologies are ready to help you meet emissions obligations today and will continue to lead you into a cleaner future. Lead with us.

ISUT (In Situ Upgrading Technology)

More. Faster. Cleaner. The ISUT catalytic process produces a higher quality, fully transportable, more desirable product - with significantly increased yields. It’s the first step in your energy transition.


ISUT extracts the oil that other technologies leave in the ground, maximizing wells up to 90%.

Nova Upgrading

Upgrading process for heavy oils of any origin using proprietary catalysts to produce high-quality synthetic light crudes.

Nova Upgrading to Fuels

Our breakthrough modular refining technology converts oils of any origin - from pyrolysis oils (like renewables and waste) to extra-heavy oils and bitumen - into top-quality fuels.

Radial Counterflow

Radial counterflow mechanically separates gas, solid, and liquid materials, delivering an effective method for emissions reduction, resource management, and water purification.

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