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Updated: Oct 3, 2018

“Being part of this team means that every day you get to learn new things, also get to apply the concepts you already know, you also get to guide someone with your experience or be led by someone else’s experience. Being part of the team of PC-CUPS is an incredible experience, is wonderful to be a part of so much creativity, so many new things and familiarity at the same time. All this while you are developing a technology that will change the bad name of heavy oil.” Ameli Pereira

Behind our designs is a great team of Engineers:

Ameli Pereira-Cota is the engineering manager and a Chemical engineer, Peng, with 11 years of experience as a Process Engineer. She started in an EPC company in Calgary and then used her experience in design to further develop the In-Situ Upgrading technology and the Catskid from lab scale units to field pilot scale units. With her lead and the support of a great team, the Catskid is about to be a reality for PC-CUPS.

Alejandro Coy, has a degree in Chemical Engineering and master’s in petroleum engineer from the University of Calgary. He has been with PC-CUPS since its foundation, starting as part-time and in the last year he became full time. Alejandro is the link between the research at the university of Calgary and the engineering team in PC-CUPS.

“ Working In PC-CUPS is a great opportunity to continue on the path of creating new technologies for the oil industry. I have been lucky to be part of the team all the way from laboratory research to designing the field pilot for ISUT. I believe small ideas can become game changers. We can prove that thinking out of the box can change the whole panorama of oil production in the world. We are going to provide a solution to produce oil more efficiently, with better quality and environmentally friendly ” Alejandro Coy

Gustavo Trujillo is our Senior Process Engineer, a Chemical Engineer, MSc, and PEng, with more than 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, mainly as Process Engineer and Technology Development Engineer. Even though he has been in PC-CUPS for two years, he has been related to studies and technologies with the University of Calgary associated with PC-CUPS.

“Working in PC-Cups is a great experience for me, not only for having the opportunity to share all the background, knowledge and experiences acquired in my professional life but also because we are continuously learning and developing cutting-edge technologies. In PC-Cups we are like a harmonious and dynamic family of talented professionals, a family of knowledge, and it is really satisfying to feel that we contribute to make this a better world!” Gustavo Trujillo

We have four directors and owners who are extremely passionate and give us great incentive!

Pedro Pereira

Dr. Pedro Pereira Almao is the CEO and co-founder of PC-CUPS and a Chemist with a doctorate in Heterogenous catalysis. He is also a professor at the Schulich School of Engineering and the Director of the Catalysis for Bitumen Upgrading Research team at the University of Calgary. A great portion of his career life has been dedicated to improving heavy oil upgrading and has received several awards for his ingenuity and his constant pursuit of excellence. His activities nowadays pursue significant improvements to the upgrading of the Athabasca bitumen and other Alberta and Canadian heavy oils by combining research in applied catalysis targeting specifically designed catalysts.

Carlos Scott

Dr. Carlos Scott is a Director and co-founder of PC-CUPS and a Chemist with a passion for research and development. A retired professor from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, he is currently the In-Situ Research Manager in the Catalysis for Bitumen Upgrading Research Team at the University of Calgary. He also is the author of more than 70 publications in scientific refereed journals with 3 book chapters, 52 publications in congress proceedings and 163 meetings and congress presentations in international petroleum forums.

Lante Carbognani

A Director and co-founder of PC-CUPS, he is a senior specialist in analytical Chemistry of Heavy oils, including characterization of crude oil and petroleum products, with 38 years of experience. Since 2005, he has been the Analytical Team Lead / Research Associate within the Catalysis for Bitumen Upgrading Research Team at the University of Calgary. He has published more than 70 articles, with 5 book chapters and numerous keynote speeches.

Andrew Hicks

Andrew Hicks is a director of PC-CUPS and founder of the Hicks & Associates Intellectual Property firm. He is the patent agent of the technological developments of the company. Before founding Hicks & Associates he was a partner with a major Canadian law firm and qualified as a patent agent in Canada in 1994 and in the USA in 1995. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Queens University and a Master of Applied Science degree from the University of Ottawa.


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